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Need something bought home from the USA, let us take the hassle out of organising it.  

Whether its a Project or a fully restored Classic, Hot Rod, Motorcycle, or ANYTHING you have bought, Chucks can ship what you have bought in the USA back to NZ. 

Through our contacts we have access to a large network of people in and around the United States who will work together to get your item home to NZ.

We have a Fully Approved and Certified Facility and will have your items safely unloaded and inspected on site ready for you to collect, or we can organise to ship it to you within NZ. 

Give us a call at 0800CAMARO or email us : mike@chucksnz.co.nz we can put together a quote to have your item transported from the USA to Chucks Restoration Supplies, Auckland.  


Our Price INCLUDES: Shipping fees / Port Charges / Fumigation / MPI and IVS Inspections and Customs Clearance fees. We pride ourselves on having NO hidden costs.




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Our Parts business has put us in contact with many people who have purchased vehicles and other items in the USA and are looking for a safe and reliable shipping service to get their items back to New Zealand.

We offer a shipping service from the USA to Auckland with unloading here in our MPI approved facility, our unload team here take the special care you would expect when unloading your items from the container.

Generally goods are loaded in a 40ft container, our team in LA pack everything very carefully to maximise how much we get in, which shares the cost and keeps it affordable for our customers.

Our team in Los Angeles are experienced shippers with a passion for classic cars and valuable items and a wealth of experience of loading vehicles for safe passage by sea.

Approximate turn around 4 - 6 weeks from initial booking from you until the vehicle is unloaded in our Auckland facility.

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